28 May 2007

lame libraries

Pardon my density, but what exactly is the point of a library book drop that is inaccessible when the library is closed?

Thanks, Sibley. I suppose however that this is a Rochester tradition. The BofA ATM near the Metro Mall is only accessible during business hours, which partially defeats the purpose of it not being manned. In some ways this place is worse than Belgium when it comes to opening hours.

Rochester is the only hometown that has refused to issue me a library card without proof of residency such as an electric bill. Since I don't normally carry electricity bills around with me (and in fact have never seen one because it's included in our rent), I still don't have a library card after 9 months here. Also lame.

26 May 2007

future summer plans

In a future summer, I'd like to help underprivileged high schoolers get into college through College Summit. Oh, and do a northern Europe concert tour and attend the WCF Congress in Groningen and...

21 May 2007

coming together

I have my flights booked from Boston to Amsterdam and London to Toronto. I have invitations to visit friends around Europe. My internship and (most) of my concerts are set. And with Commencement finally over, I am no longer on a schedule. Things are looking up for next semester, and... well, it's all finally coming together. Bye bye, school.

17 May 2007

liberty kingdom hundred waters rainy day

incineration plant in OsakaI had totally forgotten Scully's approving commentaries about Friedensreich Hundertwasser (Regentag) until the NYT wrote about his posthumously completed Napa Valley winery. I had nearly forgotten about Anselm Kiefer, whose work blew me away at SFMOMA over winter break, until I came across a book on him on an orange reshelving shelf in the Art Library after playing the carillon for senior tower tours this afternoon. But I had no idea until I visited the site of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill that they were responsible for the new international terminal at SFO as well as several other buildings I've admired around San Francisco (as well as one I'm not as fond of, the 60's Bank of America world HQ) and have developed a wonderful proposal for the redevelopment of Treasure Island into a haven of sustainable living. Save a unit for me, guys!

13 May 2007

fast as lightning

From the River Campus to my house in 17 minutes. I like mild Sundays with no traffic. And boy do I like feeling competent at the carillon again. My last two practices have been so rewarding. I can be a musician after all, even at this dreadful practice "instrument"!

Monday is Wiretap the Internet Day.

08 May 2007


I got it! A cool $1,600 from the Catherine Filene Shouse Arts Leadership Program to intern at the Roosevelt Academy in beautiful Zeeland, the Netherlands and earn credit towards my ALP Certificate for it. Add that to my first Women in Music Festival meeting this morning, and I have to admit I do like the ALP a lot. Students can make of it what they want... and I happen to want a lot. 8) Thank you Ms Shouse!

Anyone down for a World Naked Bike Ride?


Life out of balance. The “State of the World’s Mothers 2007” report from Save the Children has found that "In Sweden, which topped the list, one woman in 29,600 dies as a result of pregnancy, 72 percent use contraception, women’s life expectancy is 83 and the average number of years of education is 17. One in 250 children dies before its fifth birthday," and yet "In Niger, which came in last in the ranking, one in seven women dies of pregnancy-related causes, 4 percent use contraception and life expectancy is 45 years. One child in four dies before its fifth birthday." How can certain of us have come so far and others be left in the dark ages?

06 May 2007

art & music

Today I had the privilege of playing two short demonstration recitals on the Italian Baroque Organ at the Memorial Art Gallery. Surprisingly, the people from the smaller group seemed most interested and moved by the affair, asking specific questions afterwards about the repertoire I'd played -- Arvo Pärt's "Trivium" and even the "Cuaderno de Tonos de Maitines" of Sor María Clara. It meant so much to me that this music sparked their imaginations and curiosity. I hope I can make a career out of doing things like this more often. (Perhaps with a little more preparation.) I wasn't ready to tie the music in with the artworks I'd chosen, and I didn't have a handout... but I did the best I could, and it seemed to be just fine.

Italian Baroque Organ