22 October 2012

Bells hanging from spirals between towering lumbers, sounding John Cage's "Litany of the Whale" in an echoing submarine wharf warehouse strewn with white feathers fallen from the Dutch bicycles that visitors and even the security guards use to ride around the carillon installation, a UFO-like living pod, an opera-inspired boat sculpture, and a table on which visitors have left the mysterious detritus of their lives. Carillon art as it happens only in the Netherlands, this time sponsored by the Boijmans van Beuningen Museum in Rotterdam in a special installation by Sarkis.

14 October 2012

My concert on the Maas-Rowe at NC State went quite all right, and afterwards Matt Robbins plugged the Finish the Belltower project to the audience and got them excited about the prospect of a cast-bell carillon too. I'm particularly gratified that people believed I'd manipulated the volume knob throughout the concert (indeed I had once to fade out, but that was it), indicating that my stop changes did produce a kind of expressiveness. Moreover, cookies were given out to 150 audience members (plus two for me), which dovetailed quite nicely with finishing off the concert with a Kermit the Frog song!

05 October 2012

The best projection installation I have ever seen: Michal Rovner's "Current" with ghostly figures gliding along and seemingly into the walls in the monumental Zollverein cokery (coal washing plant).