21 March 2007

Sometimes jesting goes too far. Lubman? Lauren? I'm easily confused. Well, so what if I missed Ludger Lohmann... I'll see him again in the summer, even if I won't be playing for him.

19 March 2007

Many were stranded by the nor'easter that blew through this weekend. Most of us have made it back, but at least one Brit is still in Britain!

15 March 2007

the esm organ dept. has a website!

Yaaaaaaaaay Eastman's Department of Organ and Historical Keyboards finally has a homepage that isn't embarrassingly out of date--design-wise. Content will get updated as time goes by, but for now... at least the content looks as if it might be current. ;) It wasn't as huge a headache as I'd been dreading.

And now it's time to make the great escape!

12 March 2007

Although I bought my "review German!" calendar during my senior year of college, I'm still going through it at the rate of two pages per week, and occasionally it will give me something incredibly appropriate. On Sunday when DST began, the calendar said "Wie spät ist es eigentlich?" The page also indicated "Daylight Savings Time Ends/Halloween." The unfortunate coincidence was that on the day I could try to see the sunset from the unlocked belfry, the sun was to set an hour later when the library was closing early for spring break. Sunset from Lake Ontario proved a lovely idea, though, and I'd like to learn more about the beautiful manor north of Kodak Park that offers no explanation by way of signage outside.

07 March 2007

channel 0

While listening to, of all things, "Le Carillonneur" by Le hit des petits calins (which I readily admit I actually purchased on iTunes), my little left speaker crackled, crackled some more, and then crackled on.

Why hello, little left speaker.

And I thought the problem was with the cable. Perhaps it just needed to be woken up by the active cell phone I'd set down next to it?

Regarding Organ Days, which begin practically before spring break ends, I hope Mr. Lohmann is not too hard on me.

Ludger Lohmann

Edoardo Bellotti
On an unrelated note, my teeth feel funny.