28 February 2007

my first community organ recital...

...could be good. Or unfortunate. I'm only irritated now because I'm again sacrificing my carillon time to do miscellaneous jobs, and the quick-n-dirty 20-minute flyer-design process turned into a 40-minute one because I accidentally flattened and saved the Photoshop file as a PDF, overwriting the original, without correcting the incorrect date. And today I get the news that there are twelve, yes, twelve works on the "Best" of ImageMovementSound concert for which I'm running the board next week with Pierzak, which means moving the concert up to 5:30 pm on Thursday, March 8. Grrrrrrrrr....

23 February 2007


I honestly barely remember designing this poster. Not too happy with the way it turned out (didn't follow my intuition on the text being too damn small), but at least it did turn out... not easy to follow your intuition at ungodly hours. Chris at MinuteMan Press threw in a free copy for me (definitely better quality than what the ESM Copy Center could do, although I'm still not happy with how Photoshop communicates with printers and wish I could learn more about what happens in between and how to control it), but unfortunately a gust of Rochester wind blew it onto the ice after I'd shielded it carefully all the way to Swan St. Figures. The postcards came out great. Yummy.

22 February 2007

het rochesterse weer

When I awoke (late) this morning, snow was falling almost as quickly through the air as rain -- sleet. When I looked outside a moment ago, the largest glops of snow I'd ever seen were tumbling through the air. Now, a moment later, medium-sized glops are falling almost as quickly as sleet.

The endless variety of Rochester's weather. To think that yesterday was a spring day.

18 February 2007

First Church of Christ, ScientistHooray! I finally dug up the library's February issue of The Diapason and saw my photo in Joel Kuznik's article about the 2006 EROI Festival. I ought to make a list of the publications my photography has appeared in, because I've already lost track of who's published me so far. Not to say that I ever expect to make a cent off of the photos that get published. But there would be something badass about having a photographer's CV.

15 February 2007

Today I sought to teach myself Adobe Illustrator. It worked out nicely. I especially enjoy the results of the "Save as PDF - Press" feature. But I will admit that my casual question to Paul, "I take it my pants have migrated elsewhere?" justly weirded Matt out and may indicate that I've had a long day, four hours of which were spent practicing in Schmitt Hall nonstop... until the ghosts of professors past started to object.

14 February 2007

sudden dusk

It's remarkable how suddenly a white, snow-covered environment reveals and exaggerates the sudden transformation of the world to pink and purple hues just briefly before the onset of darkness. With my sheer white curtains from college up, I can keep those godawful blinds open and admire the world outside while enjoying my privacy Belgian-style. But in Belgium I hardly cared if someone would have looked in my window. In downtown Rochester it's a different matter.

All day the snow has been pouring down and blowing about as cars and snowplows battle in brief, human-length spurts with the world's patient steady gathering of feet of snow on the ground. The strength of the dusk's hues to color everything in sight reminds me of New Haven's orange skies. The only intense point of color beyond my window is the neon red sign for the "Chinese restaurant" across the street glowing hotly through the chill white flurry.