25 September 2007

Why I love Berlin.

New York Times, why do you tempt me with two of my favorite aspects of Berlin, cycling and architecture, and finally clear up the question of the name of my favorite building along the Spree? I know I have a "Take me to California" shirt, but really I'd rather be enjoying all that this article reminds me of!

Is it not bizarre that CNN.com is using some pedestrianized sort of 1337?
The Organ: Its History, Culture, and Technology
A poster for the kickoff Humanities Project lecture in exchange for a seat at Humanities Project meetings. Works for me.

19 September 2007

I'm not insane after all. I do get fatter the moment I set foot back into the United States -- and so do immigrant children. Take the example of 13-year-old Adrian McHargh, who grew up "active and skinny" in Kingston, Jamaica and put on 30 lbs upon moving to Atlanta. 30 lbs on a 13-year-old is no small change, and it was accompanied by hypertension, high cholesterol and high risk for type 2 diabetes.

We live in a country of plenty. Plenty of junk.

In other news, Rochester is one of the least congested metropolitan areas in the country. That doesn't make me like the transportation infrastructure of Rochester any better, although it makes me suspect that population loss is freeing up space on an infrastructure built to accommodate more people. The study estimates that drivers wasted 2.9 billion gallons of fuel while sitting in traffic, and that a total of 4.2 billion hours were whiled away in 2005, up from 4 billion the year before. I'm sad to say that San Francisco ranks 3rd on the map for worst congestion.

Speaking of San Fran, I just came across architect Pietro Belluschi and learned that he is responsible for the BofA Building, Davies Symphony Hall, St. Mary's, as well as... Juilliard.

17 September 2007

Vanishing Point: 50 Years in Photography

Oh my goodness I'm glad I receive the George Eastman House's mailings because even with the flyer right in front of me I nearly missed the fact that one of my favorite photographers is coming to town for a lecture in October: David Plowden!

13 September 2007

The (B) for the Belgian Rail may look a bit outdated, but its history is distinguished: it was designed by leading Art Nouveau artist Henry van de Velde.

09 September 2007

The Young Listener's Guide to the Organ

I was beginning to wonder if Paul Takahashi was still alive, considering his long email silence. He had good reason to disappear, however. On September 15, he'll give the world premiere of his latest work, "The Young Listener's Guide to the Organ" at the Church of the Place de la Chapelle in Brussels on September 15, 11:00 - 12:00 - 14:30. Go if you can, because I wish I could!